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Crew Bio
Name: Jason Hoff
Hailing Port: Waukesha, Wisconsin
Places I’ve lived: Wisconsin, North Carolina, Colorado, Texas
Positions Held: Captain, Navigator, Hoff Family Accountant, Webmaster

Crew Bio
Name: Christine Hoff
Hailing Port: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Places I’ve Lived: Florida, Colorado, Texas
Positions Held: Chief Navigator, Scupper-Class Sea Rover, Galley Slave, First-Mate, sometimes Co-Captain, and Chief Keeper of the Head.

After years of camping through the seasons, hiking fourteeners, snowboarding, rockclimbing, canoeing, mountainbiking, backpacking, sailing, and swearing all the while that we’d one day trade in our work lives for a trek through the Himalayas or a sail around the globe, we finally committed to realizing our daydreams. We sold our Colorado home, stored the myriad "things" we’d accumulated in our parents’ barn, and set off for Houston , Texas . Our plan was to begin to live with a bit more deliberation. We spent the next few years acquiring less and worked to outfit a new vision for ourselves.

In May of 2007, we launched our 38-foot, sloop rigged sailboat the Lotus. This site is our best attempt to share our experiences with family and friends. Through this adventure our hope is to keep the hours full, to worry less about what lies behind or ahead, and in the process discover something more about ourselves.