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"Best of NYC"
  Crew Member:  Christine
  Location:New York, New York
  Photo Album:(2007-09-05) NYC

Navigating NY Harbor

Chrysler Building and Coast Guard

Lady Liberty

Hudson River Cruise

Under the Tappanzee
New York, New York. It really is the most wonderful town. I’d argue the best city on the planet. As such, there’s just too much to cover in narrative form; here’s a list of highlights from our 6 week stopover:
  • An armed greeting on the East River (it was U.N. week)
  • Football at Demo Nation
  • Rich & Jess, the hosts with the very most.
  • Spilling popcorn on Diane Wiest at the NYC Film Festival
  • Beastie Boys first ever Brooklyn show, McCarren Pool
  • Mooring the Boat on the Upper West Side
  • Walking the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Free city-wide WiFi
  • Explaining to Jason why it was so exciting to spill popcorn on Diane Wiest. “Edward Scissorhands!” “Bullets over Broadway!” “Lost Boys!” “Parenthood!”
  • Sailing past the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island
  • A sidewalk seat to the filming of the Sex and the City movie. To quote Jason, “SJP is so tiny I could fit her in my pocket.”
  • The Earth Room
  • Meeting our friend Marcia in SoHo. Hello Houston!
  • Catching the band “The Mountain Goats” on the fly
  • Drinking LiberallyMeet Up at the Queen of all dive bars, Rudys!
  • Catching up on “Weeds” with Rich & Jess. Long time no T.V.
  • The subway. The PATH. The JiTNY. Finally, a city with public transportation.
  • Touring the NYC public library. Do it if you haven’t already.
  • Meeting my bro David, en route to his new home in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Tassels and boobies at The Patriot bar. God Bless it!
  • Hanging out during a recording session for “Eugene.”
  • The perfect pizza.
  • IFC Theatre, SoHo
  • Jersey City Arts Festival
  • Imbibing a “Practically Perfect Planter’s Punch” (with I swear about 6 shots of various liquors in it) at a $10 showing of “Mary Poppins” on Broadway. Chim-chiminey-chiroo!
  • Pastrami sandwiches as big as your head from Zabars
  • My breakfast favorite everywhere: lox & bagel.
  • $12 six-packs of beer. Just kidding. Guess we’d call that a “lowlight.”
  • Looking at real estate for fun. INSANITY. How do people live here??
  • Standing in queue for Shakespeare in the Park. We never actually scored tickets. Just stood in line.
  • Nathan’s hot dogs, Coney Island.
  • The Brooklyn Cyclones. If you can’t get tix to the Yankees, a happy alternative.
  • Free Tickets to Professional Beach Volleyball play-offs. Coney Island.
  • Riding in cars with Rich Kaht. He really takes city driving to a new level. Not for the faint of heart!
  • The Met. The MOMA. The Cloisters. The Guggenheim. Too many to list.
  • Cart Food. Cheap, interesting, and always tasty.
  • Hanging with our boy Logan, the best dog-sitting gig ever!
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