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"Back to the States"
  Crew Member:  Xteen
  Location:Big Crawling Stone, Minocqua, Wisconsin
  Photo Album:(2008-07-04) Wisconsin Visit

The life of the party

Jason and Christine Pontoon Ride

Portage for a Rest

Isabel and Jason

Kay is ready to go
Okay lazy bones, shake me up! Yes, we've been lackadaisical in supplying a stream of consistent entries. I suppose I should spend less time apologizing and more time describing what we've been up to.

Decided after spending a week with the Hoffs in Bocas del Torro, Panama, followed by another spirited few days with our Texas friends Momo and Laura, that we could use a little dose of the U.S.

Perhaps it sounds like an awfully privileged set of complaints to say that we miss the comforts of home, but we do.

We flew to Wisconsin June 14th and promptly set out on a fantastic 3 day canoe/camp trip with our good friend Craig (and his super dog MaddMaxx). Craig very graciously agreed to pick us up from the Chicago O'Hare airport and drive our traveling wilbury butts up to the northwoods of the great dairy state. We camped, we rowed, we made campfire, we consumed our body weight in beer and had a really wonderful time of it.

The second week of our visit incorporated a visit from some Colorado clan. Isabel and Fred (Christine's folks) flew in and helped us march in 3 (YES 3!!) 4th of July parades, BBQ'd, lit some fireworks, and overall just enjoyed the simple comfort of family.

Finally, week 3, a visit to the family farm and Madison. Just before heading back to Central America we managed to squeeze in a few days in the capitol city where Jason grew up and did his engineering degree. We spent the first two days in Fennimore surveying the effects of all of the spring deluges we'd heard about (vaguely), and lunching with the extended Miller clan.

Next up, Madison. Here we had some hangtime with Jason's college chums, played 18 holes of frisbee golf, got silly with a few board games, and toured a few of Jason's familiar haunts. For those of you who've never visited Madison, Wisconsin, let me say that the campus setting is truly unparalleled by any other U.S. college. Check it out if you have the chance.

Tomorrow, our stateside visit comes to an end. We're booked on a flight back to the 9th parallel, just 540 miles from the equator of the big fat globe. Our transit through the Panama Canal is scheduled for August 1st. More details on that adventure to come.

As ever, thanks for checking in.
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