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"A Bad Case of Swimmer's Ear"
  Crew Member:  The First Mate
  Location:Caye Caulker Anchorage, Belize
  Photo Album:(2008-03-31) Belize

Caye Caulker Anchorage

Local Blown Glass Art

Panga on the Eastern Beach

Tom and Kathy of Jumbie
For those of you who wonder, we don’t swim every day, or even most days. But you can definitely feel summer coming on and we are in the tropics. Lately, the days seem unbearable, particularly ashore. You can see why so many businesses close shop midday and the local schools all let out by noon. We tend to do most of our errands and socializing in the morning or early evening. We don the swimsuits and snorkel gear a couple of times a week. We typically swim a few laps around the boat, dive to check out how the anchor is holding, and we eyeball the hull of the boat to ensure that too many living things have not attached themselves to our bottom.

Anyhow, about 5 days ago Jason got a fairly wicked ear infection following one of our afternoon swims. Apparently they’re much more common from splashing around the salty ocean and the symptoms are compounded by the heat and humidity. He’s been waiting it out to see if it would mend on its own or if a trip to a clinic was necessary. Yesterday, as luck would have it, Jason did a bit of low-tech computer consulting for a couple of other boats here in Caye Caulker and managed to trade the favor for some medical advice. Sure enough, he’s got a case of “otitis externa.”

With recommended prescription in hand we wandered to the island pharmacy and found just what the cruising doctor called for. And, might I add, it sure does eliminate a whole bunch of fuss to be able to simply buy an anti-inflammatory/anti-bacterial solution directly over-the-counter. It’s one of many items in Belize (and most of Central America and Mexico) that does not require an official prescription. Not so in the states of course. Also, directly next door is the local health clinic, staffed entirely by volunteer doctors from Cuba. The clinic is completely free and operates solely by donations. Reminded me of the Michael Moore documentary “Sicko” and just how screwed up and cumbersome the U.S. medical system can be.

So, we’re lying low, sticking close to the boat the next couple of days and staying out of the water. Once J’s feeling 100% we’re off to Water Caye, just outside of the Belize City ship channel. One night there and then a short day’s sail to Lighthouse Reef. We should be in the Bay Islands of Honduras within a week .

Jason’s diligently practicing his Espanol lessons and I’m off to re-string our guitar after loading this blog. Hopefully J will be completely recovered by the next Lotus log. Hasta Luego!
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