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"In Search of Red Footed Boobies"
  Crew Member:  The Crew
  Location:Lighthouse Reef Islands, Belize
  Photo Album:(2008-04-15) Half Moon Caye

Red Footed Booby and Chick

Sandy from Heart of Texas

West Shore

A Mad Mad Mad Mad Caye

Half Moon Caye Anchorage
Half Moon Caye is an island amidst a series of cayes(spelled "keys" in the U.S.), with a truly unique bird population supported by the Belize Audubon Society

We spent 4 days at Half Moon Caye, prior to our offshore jaunt to the Bay Islands of Honduras. The number of red-footed boobies and frigate birds is remarkable. The island has a self-guided nature trail that culminates with a tower built to tree height that allows you a "bird's eye view" of your surroundings. At the tower we were able to spy a large colony of the elusive booby birds and vast numbers of giant frigates circling above.

After touring Half Moon we hooked up with several vessels in the anchorage flying the Lone Star Republic flag from their spreaders. No less than 3 boats from Texas were anchored off the atoll and invited us to partake in a happy hour that included yummy treats and a rousing game of bocce ball.

The atolls and reefs of Half Moon were a splendid place to linger before leaving the very blue waters of Belize for more southern climes.
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