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"I'm Dreaming of a Sunny Christmas"
  Crew Member:  Christine
  Location:Ft Lauderdale, FL
  Photo Album:(2007-12-25) Florida Christmas

Konnor Down the Hatch

A Wee Cottage on the ICW

Another View of the Lotus

After a month-plus of time in Georgia, eating turkey with our fellow cruisers and rewiring the boat, we went offshore on a straight rhumb-line to Fort Lauderdale. Not only do my aunt and grandmother live here, but we found out that my mom, fred, my brother Michael, sis-in-law Kelli, and their two kids Konnor and Makenna would be joining us for the holidays! What a treat! As nice as Thanksgiving was, the idea of spending Christmas with family came as welcome news.

We spent our week together showing off the boat (Michael and family had not seen it prior to this trip), hanging out at my Aunt Nancy's new backyard tiki bar, opening gifts, exploring the everglades by airboat, and just enjoying the company of family.

Check out the photo section for visual hightlights!

And a hearty HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all of our family and friends! We're missing you!
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