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"Holiday Hut Trip"
  Crew Member:  Hoff the Hutmaster
  Location:Polar Star Inn, Colorado
  Photo Album:(2008-12-01) Holiday Hut Trip

Fine Weather for a bit of Pipe

Happiest Outside

Crew of Two

We Arrived and Lived to tell the Tale

After 12,000 miles at sea (farther than most cruisers ever venture), we have decided that the Bash up the Baja coast will be the last leg of the Lotus adventure.

We sailed across the Gulf of Mexico, 9 days if you remember the blog. Trekked up the gulfstream along the eastern seaboard. Spent a couple of months anchored off of Manhattan Island, NYC. Sailed both of Mexico's beautiful coasts. Cruised Central America. Cruised Columbia. We locked up, down, and through the Panama Canal. And now we're poised for California and for the end of a memorable two years.

The trip to Colorado was just what we needed to bouy our spirits about the decision to sell the Lotus. I've still yet to see many things on this fine planet that rival the Rocky Mountains. There is something about the sight of this mountain range that always re-energizes the both of us.

So, here's to a great trip home and more adventures to come!
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