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"Turkey Day Networking"
  Crew Member:  C and J
  Location:Saint Mary's River, Georgia
  Photo Album:(2007-11-20) St. Mary's Georgia

The Line for Turkey Day

T-Day Anchorage at Night

Thanksgiving Day Shuck

Our Morning Visitor

Cindy Dean the Porno Queen
What says Thanksgiving more aptly than turkey and drinks with “Cindy Dean the Porno Queen?” More on this shortly.

We laid over for 6 weeks in the small southern coastal town of Saint Mary’s, Georgia. For those of you familiar with the area, this mossy little hamlet is a short ferry ride from Cumberland Island. The township lies on St. Mary’s river, a marshy waterway that divides southern Georgia from the northern part of Floriday. The area is rife with Civil War history, antebellum architecture, and sprawling estates reminiscent of the Carnegie and Rockefeller turn-of-the-century heydays.

I’d like to confess that we were lured to this stopover by the rich local history; but the truth is we had numerous boat projects looming and a marina stay in St. Mary's can be negotiated quite cheaply.

We spent the better part of our 40 plus days sanding down the teak on our deck, installing a desalination water system, and giving our 30 year old vessel a complete electrical overhaul. Jason rewired every wired component from bow to stern. In the process we pulled and disposed of no less than 5 solid household garbage bags of unused, dead wire. Reassuring eh?

We did have a bit of respite from our chores round the last Thursday of November. Each year the kind folks of St. Mary’s and the proprietors of the Hotel donate over 25 turkeys, 10 hams, and the perfect setting for a cruisors Turkey Day holiday. Nearly 100 sailboats from along the eastern seaboard flock to this Georgia border town to kick off the holidays with a potluck party. All totaled there were over 300 guests who enjoyed an oyster roast, a cornucopia of boater concocted appetizers, Thanksgiving dinner with new friends, and a non-stop Seagall’s Saloon happy hour hosted by arguably the sassiest southern bar matron you’ve ever laid eyes on: Miss Cindy Dean. Cindy’s ability to keep your mug consistently overflowing is matched only by her raunchy banter. I suppose the rest should be left to your imagination or a trip to St. Mary’s to check it out yourself.

So, while we’re always hyper-aware that we’re away from family and friends at the holidays more than any other time, it was good to spend our Thanksgiving holiday communing with some fellow cruisers, or sea tramps as we’ve begun to start calling ourselves.

Happy Holidays!
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